Apr  May 2020
18 123
Monday, May 25, 2020   
Award Winner
AK74  Zesralem sie PL (53 kills with ak47)
AKM  FS97 (124 kills with akm)
AKS74U  Povlo (86 kills with aks74u)
ANM14  CAUCASIANTHUNDA (6 kills with anm14)
AT4  [MeatLips]PilOt (15 kills with at4)
C4  [MeatLips]PilOt (12 kills with c4)
F1  BlitzKrieg (27 kills with f1)
FAL  furiouspablo (60 kills with fal)
GALIL  Me feet (82 kills with galil)
GALIL SAR  Me feet (154 kills with galil sar)
GP25  Zesralem sie PL (8 kills with gp25)
Gurkha  Solopenko (5 kills with gurkha)
IED  rxg | Birdy (4 kills with ied)
KABAR  FS97 (5 kills with kabar)
L1A1  Mrtimnn (18 kills with lia1)
Longest Death Streak  godlothosisplayingnaked (33 deaths)
Longest Kill Streak  prodigal FUNK (28 kills)
Longest Play Time  BlitzKrieg (06:19:09h hours)
M14  BABY KEEM (41 kills with m14)
M16A4  UMPrepared Taco Cat (29 kills with m16a4)
M1911  Bagginses (17 kills with m1911)
M1A1  johauv (16 kills with m1a1)
M203  ZinBomb (8 kills with m203)
M249  Fade ツ (34 kills with m249)
M40A1  Cristianurus (13 kills with m40a1)
M45  Jake (17 kills with m45)
M4A1  Povlo (146 kills with m4a1)
M590  Zesralem sie PL (30 kills with m590)
M67  BlitzKrieg (25 kills with m67)
M9  [MeatLips]PilOt (69 kills with m9)
MAKAROV  KURT1771 (31 kills with makarov)
MINI14  zamsang97 (59 kills with mini14)
MK18  h0ax (35 kills with mk18)
MODEL10  Arden (17 kills with model10)
MOLOTOV  CAUCASIANTHUNDA (8 kills with molotv)
MOSIN  JVB (15 kills with mosin)
Most Deaths  Zesralem sie PL (227 deaths)
Most Improved Player  Me feet (1,807 points gained)
Most Kills  Povlo (359 kills)
Most Suicides  ColorUserPro (17 suicides)
MP40  Chair (18 kills with mp40)
MP5  Zaddy (30 kills with mp5)
RPG7  Quebecois Boiiii (11 kills with rpg7)
RPK  instinct killer (22 kills with rpk)
SKS  prodigal FUNK (38 kills with sks)
STERLING  Flower Eater (26 kills with sterling)
TOZ  Quebecois Boiiii (15 kills with toz)
UMP45  Crack Jesus (16 kills with ump45)